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Sanremo Junior - Malta

 SanremoJunioris a well known Festival all over theworld  organized by 'Societs Kismet srl. - Italy –   This is the  fifth  year that this festival is being organized. It is a singing and musical contest for soloists, to spread and give importance to music and singing among the younger people, putting them in touch with professionals in this sector in an international and multiethnic environment.


STAND OUT EVENTS - MALTA under the directorship of Antonella Vassallo has beenentrusted with the exclusivity of the Malta National Finals for Malta’s participation in the 5rd edition of SanremoJuniorinternational singing festival for children between the ages of six years (6) and fifteen years (15) which will take place in the  famous TEATRO ARISTON, in SANREMO, Italy  on8th, 9th and 10th May, 2014. 

The singerswill perform live accompanied by the San Remo orchestra.


Approximately twenty songs will be selected from the singerscategory. A number of musicians will also be selected depending on the number of entries. The selected ones willperformfor the Finals, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre on Saturday 5th April, 2014 wherethe  winner from each category will be selected to take part   inSanremoJuniorin May.The singers will perform live.




(1)   Singers must choose only one song which has to be the same one to be sung in all eventual following phases, and, eventually at the SanremoJunior Festival. The song can be a cover version or original, in any language, and must not be longer than 3 minutes. In case the language is not Italian or English, it is compulsory to present a text with translation into English. The lyrics in competition must  not   contain expressions which could be found offensive to common  decency, and/or the State, Institutions, the Church, or any Religion.


Musicians  can also apply according to the sectionsbelow.




There are 2categories:SINGERS & MUSICIANS, sectioned as follows:

A.  From 6 to 9 years old.

B.  From 10 to 12 years old.

C.  From 13 to 15 years old


Participants must reach the age up to 31st December 2014.


(3) The registration closing date, Wednesday 29th January,2014.


There is an entry processing fee of €118 including VAT.  When paying the fee you must also hand the registration form duly filled in an envelope provided when effecting payment. Copy of the form is attached with these rules. The Registration form has to be  filled and signed by parents or Guardian of the minor.

No other material is to be handed at this stage.




Cheques must be payable to Ms. Antonella Vassallo.

This can be done byTuesday 28th orWednesday 29th  January2014, during working hours.


(4) The selection will be done on half playback where the performers will be singing live in front of a panel ofjury.  This will take place on Saturday 22nd February, 2014, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. Later you will receive the time of your performance. 



(5)  Immediately on your arrival for the selection on Saturday 22ndFebruary,you are to hand the followingmaterial:


a)   The backing track and full version  on CD of the song

(track 1 Backing version)

(track 2 the full version)

No other voices allowed on the backing track.

b)   Five copies of the Lyrics in the language that the song will be sung.In case the language is not Italian or English, it is compulsory to present a text with translation into English

c)  Copy of the parents or the tutors identity-cards.

e)  3 passport size photos of the performer.

f)  Write up about the performer  in English, max. 10 lines about the artist.

g) The song/performance must not exceed three and a half minutes.


(6) No dancers or other acts are allowed to accompany the singer during the performance in all phases  of the competition. It is advised that the performers concentrate on the interpretation of their song.


(7) Judging will be based on technical and artistic criteria, (intonation,colour, performing technique, expression, musicality and interpretation), and also on potential emerging both from the pieces performed and their performance. No dress which is not suitable for children will be allowed during the performances. Selected Jury members will be experts in their fields.


(8) The committee’s decision is final.  


9) For further information, you may contact Antonella Vassallo on

     7722 1003 or send an email to

Ticket Info

Click the link below to download the application form.